Ditt eget kallbadhus i Skåne (Malmö / Vellinge / Trelleborg)

Practicalities and FAQ

What's required to drive the sauna trailer?

  • Normal drivers license. The trailer can be driven at most 30km/h.

  • Bastuvagnen weighs roughly 2500 kgs, so ensure that your vehicle is able to pull the required weight.

  • Read more about traffic rules at Trafikstyrelsen and on this page.

  • We also offer transportation and a ready-to-swim sauna on request. Ask us!

How and where to park the sauna?

  • Park on firm grounds. Achor with the safety poles.

  • Keep 10 meters from buildings.

  • You are responsible for following parking rules. The trailer is parked as a normal vehicle/trailer - read more on Malmö stad and Vellinge kommun regarding their parking policies.

  • Please reach out and we'll give you our favorite gems around Skåne!

Other rules to keep in mind?

  • Clear yourselves before entering the sauna. We can arrange an outdoor shower if needed!

  • No shoes inside the sauna please! There's a dressing room before you enter the sauna.

  • Always sit on a towel inside the sauna

  • Don't pour anything apart from regular drinking water on the stove!

Safety do and don'ts

  • The stove is hot and may burn you if you touch the metal. Be careful and use a safe judgement!

  • Consume alcohol in modesty to ensure good judgement!

  • Keep water around the sauna in case of a fire. Extinguisher is available under the benches in the dressing room.