Ditt eget kallbadhus i Skåne (Malmö / Vellinge / Trelleborg)

Your own private pop-up sauna!

Our portable sauna trailer is your amazing companion for a truly unique experience. Connect it to your car and and have your own private pop-up-sauna by the sea! For a careless adventure, we'll setup the sauna for you at one of our favorite spots!

Our sauna is located outside Malmö in Vellinge but can be taken anywhere around the south coast of Skåne.

Our custom built sauna-trailer can accommodate up to 16 guests. Rent our wooden fired Scandinavian sauna for a truly unique experience

Bastuvagnen på Ön / Limhamn Bastuvagnen Skåre Bastuvagnen Malmö


Price per day. Rent Friday to Saturday = 2 days. Peak holidays (Midsummers, Christmas and New Years = +1000SEK). All prices including VAT.


2000 SEK

  • Rent the sauna for a weekday and treat yourself to something truly unique!


2500 SEK

Rent the sauna for a day during the weekend and treat yourself to something truly unique!

Weekend package

4000 SEK

  • Rent the sauna for up to 3 days for a beneficial package price.

  • Includes wood and our outdoor shower (if no water connection available, field shower)

Pop-up package

6000 SEK

  • Our all inclusive, carefree saunra offering!

  • We setup shop at your preferred location within 20 kms (or our suggested gems). The sauna is pre-heated to your arrival and at your disposal for 3 hours.

  • Ourdoor shower and off-grid package included.

To ensure you have a great experience, we offer the following services

Bastu för svensexa / Bastu för möhippa


850 SEK within 20 km. +200 SEK per 10kms

We arrange transport to your selected location. One way price.

Bastuvagn Vellinge & Malmö


500 SEK

We take care of vaccuming, cleaning the benches and emptying the stove.

Bada bastu Malmö Vellinge Skåne


500 SEK

We heat up the sauna for you (~60-70 degrees). Heating takes roughly one hour from start to sauna-lift off!

Utedusch till bastu

The small things..

Need an outdoor shower? Off grid package to keep the cosy lighting going or charge your devices? Firepit? Drinks for your whole crew? Contact us and we'll sort out most requests!

Bastuvagnen is located 20 minutes outside Malmö

Contact us in the booking form below or send us an email.
Name E-mail Phone Adress Required pickup Return date
Add-ons required
Pop up package (6000:- all included)
Delivery/Pickup (from 850:- one way
Cleaning (+500:-)
Heating (+500:-)
Outdoor shower (+300:-)
Off-grid package (+300:-)
Firepit (+50:-)
Extra wood (100l) (+200:-)
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Bastuvagnen - your own private sauna in Skåne!